Casino Poker Face – Carry our banner

Casino Poker Face – Carry our banner

1) Daily $$$ tracking:

You will be provided with your own unique tracking URL and Merchant number. This will enable you to view your daily, monthly and year to date commission $$$ on your unique statistics page.

2) Your Statistics page: It has all financial details that pertain to your account. For example, how much money is owing to you in commission $$$. Check your stats page daily.

3) Accountability: Upon registration you will receive a unique URL that links to Casino Poker Face. When you set up our banner on your site, you will link it to this unique URL assigned to you. We can track everything from your site to ours, like how many hits you provided or how many new accounts signed up with us. Of course this means $$$ in your pocket!

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100% Match Play offer on $19 Deposit!

FREE $500 monthly Sweep Stakes draw available to ALL visitors.

27 Games requiring NO downloads with lightening fast game play.

Scratch and Win Lottery tickets.$228 in Comps available per year to all members.

This online Casino is a must Play!

We add an additional 3.9% Credit Bonus to all Deposits to offset any NETeller fees Client may have incurred.

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To sum up, we offer you one of the BEST Deals on the Net:

We are trusted by Many Major Casino Portals.

We have a 100% Match Play Offer to get New Players started.

We have a generous Comp Programs to make them come back.40% of Net Casino Revenues for the LIFE of the Account.

Daily tracking to get all financial details.