Slot machines myths

Slot machines myths

Of all the casino games out there I think slot machines are the least understood. They are also arguably one of the most commonly played, which means there is a lot of misinformation kicking around the net about them.

The first thing a player needs to understand when reading about how to play the slots is that the key to all slot machine payouts and combinations, whether the slot is a machine or one of the new slot sites online, is the RNG or random number generator. This is a factor which is pre-set and cannot be affected by the player in any way.

Here are some common myths that are often perpetuated by well meaning but misinformed writers and players.

Myth 1: A near miss means the slot is about to pay If you have played slots for any amount of time you’ll have had at least one of those near miss moments when you hit a sweet combination that was just off a big win. When it happens it seems like you must be close. However, due to the RNG, a miss is as good as a mile when it comes to the slots.

The danger with near misses is that you can get into an ‘I’m about to hit the jackpot’ mentality which can cloud your judgment.

Myth 2: All combinations have an equal chance. It wouldn’t make financial sense for the slot machine to assign as much chance for small combinations and big combinations alike, which means all machines and video slots are set to hit smaller combinations more often and top jackpot wins are set to be the least common of all.

The way this works is that the RNG will have a list of numbers that refer to each combination and the smaller combinations will appear multiple times giving them more chance to come up. Think of it like picking names out of a hat, the more bits of paper with your name on mean the more chance you have of being picked.

Myth 3: Once the jackpot has been won it won’t hit again for some time

Due to the RNG this is entirely incorrect. Each spin of the reels is a fresh start and is in no way affected by the previous spin. Slot machines and video slots don’t keep count of payouts, however they do ensure that smaller combinations are more likely than bigger ones, which could have lead to gamers jumping to the wrong conclusions in the past.